Nisqually Land Trust

Habitat restoration has always captured my imagination, especially so with the work of The Nisqually Land Trust. I was thrilled to be tasked with doing some mockups for their 2014 website redesign.

Salish Sea Catering

Salish Sea Catering’s brand is the promise of high-end cuisine and services they offer. Each piece of their identity system fits cohesively with the next, imparting the highest level of professionalism and flair to their story. Carefully chosen stocks, varnishes, and embossments impart a tactile memory more important than ever in our increasingly digital age.

Who Am I? English-Spanish Instruction Book

It was an absolute delight working on this instruction book for a retired teacher who travels the world to improve education in underserved regions. I worked closely with the client and a Spanish translator from Mexico City to achieve a layout optimized for dual-language instruction. With keen attention to letter-spacing and leading, I was able … Continue reading Who Am I? English-Spanish Instruction Book

Olympia Youth Chorus

A spot-on logo captures the right emotional response from a target audience. The brand promise must register in a split second, like the Apple logo! My designs embrace current trends while knowing when to avoid them – the result is a fresh look that stands out from the competition.

Harlequin Productions

I designed countless promotional materials for Harlequin Productions – Olympia, Washington’s professional theater company. After developing a concept for an upcoming show, I’d execute the design for posters, postcards, bookmarks, and web/print advertising. My absolute favorite projects were the playbills. These would involve extensive layout work to properly fit everything from sponsor ads to last-minute … Continue reading Harlequin Productions