Nisqually Land Trust

Habitat restoration has always captured my imagination, especially so with the work of The Nisqually Land Trust. I was thrilled to be tasked with doing some mockups for their 2014 website redesign.
The landing page guides visitors to critical information, against the backdrop of the fascinating crux of their story and mission.

The Trust protects and restores a watershed, the only American river enjoying federal protection at its headwaters and delta. Ensconced between the majestic glacier on Mt. Rainier and the sanctuary of the Nisqually Wildlife Reguge is a meandering story of the connection between man and landscape.

Ultimately the Trust went with another design. My primary role involved transferring content from their old site, building out the new pages, and writing the appropriate CSS rules for an elegant responsive design. Visit the site.

Nisqually high-def wireframe full page